How Do I Clean Solid Surface?

photo 3

So, did you know that Solid Surface is relatively low maintenance, compared to other hard surfaces? This is true of all the Solid Surfaces we supply (Corian, Hi Macs, Staron, Hanex etc).

Because it is non porous, stains are surface stains only and can be cleaned using most household cleaners. In our experience using any household cleaners with or without bleach, will remove stains quite easily, that’s not to say you don’t need elbow grease, but with the use of a kitchen sponge or brush, stains should easily be removed. This includes red wine, turmeric and beetroot, stains that normally instil fear in even the hardiest of us.  For more stubborn stains, you can use a product called Bar Keepers Friend (or similar ) , which is a light powder cleaner, containing bleach, which can be rubbed over the surface and if necessary, left to soak.  We do not recommend the more abrasive powder cleaners, as these could, potentially, dull down the finish of the top, which can be revived, but causes unnecessary extra work and adds cost. 

This ability to bring the surface back to its original appearance, after usage, is another advantage to be considered when making surface choices.

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